Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Beach with Cousins

I have said it before and I will say it again.......it has been so fun having family near enough to visit.  Emma LOVES playing with her cousins.  We look forward to our next trip.  PS - Doesn't John look good in a wet suit???? :)

To DC we Go

The weekend after tax season was over, we took a trip to Washington DC to see the sights and visit my Dad who was teaching a course an hour away.  We took a walk around the monuments and went to the zoo.   Here are some of the pictures of our trip:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Little Mama in the Makin

About a month ago I let Emma push her baby in her play stroller instead of insisting that she be strapped into her own hated stroller. Emma loved it and now insist on taking her baby whenever we go outside. She does pretty well pushing her baby but stops at anything interesting to her and also takes breaks to give her baby drinks of her juice (a water bottle that she has deemed "babies joose").

Yesterday, Emma and I went for a walk with the baby, the stroller and the dog. We got about four houses down when Emma biffed it and skinned both her knees for the first time. She immediately started screaming hysterically and I scooped her up and tried to calm her down. She was in a panic and I kept tried to give her knees kisses and let her know that I knew that she was hurt. My soothing wasn't working and Emma finally calmed down enough to say "baby". I realized that she could care less about her knees but was staring down at her baby who had, to Emma's horror, flipped upside down in her stroller and hit her head on the sidewalk. I put Emma down, put the baby back in the stroller and Emma calmed right down. She looked at me, pointed to her head and said "baby baboo" and kissed her baby on the head. She then smiled and continued on her walk.