Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Bahdda

So Emma's big sister instincts are kicking in big time. When we told her she was going to have a baby brother and showed her pictures of Baby John we weren't sure how much she really understood. The other day we were in the grocery store and I put her in one of her favorite car carts, the one with two wheels. She immediately showed me how she was going to buckle baby Bahdda into the seat next to her and show him how to turn his wheel. She kept saying "Mommy, baby Bahdda???" and pointing to the seat next to her. I told her that her brother wasn't home yet but when he was, yes, he would sit in the seat next to her. During the 10 minute shopping trip I told her this about 10 times. Finally, the last time sunk in a bit and I got teary eyed. "No Emma, baby bahdda isn't home yet, but he will be soon. I want him home too....."

Emma is going to make a great big sister. She is even starting to tell her younger friends what to do, all while wagging her finger in the air. Hmmmm....I wonder.... where does she get her bossy attitude from???