Monday, June 18, 2007

Guess the Date!!

I have a great pregancy book that I am filling out and one of the pages is to guess the date and weight of little Emma's birth. If any of you are interested in making it into the baby book, just add a comment to this blog and list the date you think she will be born (She is due July 19th) and the weight...(please don't guess too much, I don't want to push out a 10 lb baby :)


Rachel Gavin said...

Lots of love to the Pell family! I predict that Emma will be born on Thursday, July 12th and will way 8lbs 11oz. -Rachel Gavin

Derrick Scheid said...

Derrick guesses July 26th (sorry, I hope it's not that late!) at 8lb. 2oz.
Biz guesses July 17th (4am) 7lb. 14oz
What do we win if we're right??? :)

Anonymous said...

I claim July 23rd; 6lb 9oz (that should be easier for you!)

Anonymous said...

The Thompsons say:
Brett, Monday, July 23rd 8lb 5oz
Alicia, Sunday July 15th 7lb 8oz
The bootie alone will weigh at least 5 lbs !!!
Love you guys (and Emma)

KAMILLE said...

Ben says July 19th coming in at 8lbs even.
Kamille's first instinct was July 17th, but I see Biz guessed that, so instead I will guess July 24th at 2:35 pm coming in at 8lbs 4 oz, with a whole head of hair.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the time is getting ever closer! I guess July 11, 2007 9 lb. 10oz. and a fast, easy delivery! See you July 28, 2007. Love, Aunt Linda