Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life at Home

I have realized that I have only been posting our vacation and no pics of us hanging out at home like we normally do.  I thought that I would give you a run down on a day in the life of the Pell family:

We wake up around 7:15 or whenever mom or dad's alarm goes off depending on which one of us goes to work.  I am still working Tuesday's and Thursday's and those are daddy's days so I will give you a run down of a mommy day.
Emma walks around the house in her pajama's and points at random things around the house.  
Eventually she makes her way to the fridge and asks for her milk.
Then, it is breakfast time....Emma has decided that she wants to feed herself so breakfast has become an adventure.  Spoons and food flying most days.  Everything is thrown on the floor to show us that she is done and then it is into her crib for "book time" while mom takes a shower.
Then depending on the day, we either go to MOPS or a library group to meet with other moms and kids.  Emma is very social so she loves it.
Then it is nap time.  Emma takes a nap from around 10:30 - 12:30 then time for lunch.
Emma is a picky eater so we hope that we pick something that will go in her mouth instead of the floor.  A lot of days daddy joins us for lunch.
After lunch, it is play time which means that Emma pulls all of the toys out of her bin and carries them around the house.  We "read" books, play with her musical instruments, and dance to music.
Then the afternoon nap.  She naps from around 3-5 and then wakes up for dinner.

That is about it.  This is our average day for anyone that is interested.

Emma is really loving her dog which is helping mom love her again too.   Here is Emma hugging her dog......

On the weekends, we try to go have a family outing.  This is Emma at the Greensboro Children's Museum.  It was a great time and an amazing place.  We are excited to continue our outings now that Emma is old enough for them....

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KAMILLE said...

two things: Veronica also loved Brown Bear Brown Bear around Emma's age and she read it so often that it no longer is attached to the spine. Two--it looks like Emma is getting the curls, gotta love 'em.