Thursday, February 5, 2009

She Speaks!!!

Emma has started to really use words to communicate and we are sooooo excited (and glad we don't have to worry about her not talking..the words of a worrying mom).  As of today, her vocabulary consists of:

All Done (Ahhhhh du)
Juice (jewwwwwwww)
Hot (Hota)
Doggie (Doddi)
Daddy (sounds pretty close to daddy)
Again (Ahhhhh g)
Uh Oh, Spaghettio (Oh Oh Spkaht;ajktl)
Baby (baabii)
Cat (at)
Diaper (clear as day..once)
Up (Uhhhh)
On (Owwwww)
Off (Owwwwws)
Don't (dunt......mostly directed at Talula our dog)

Ok, so I am sure there are more but we are so excited for these.  A couple of days ago she just woke up and decided she was going to try and copy the words we said.  Way to go Emma!!

Sidenote:  She still refuses to say mama or mommy or I would even take a ma.  When I ask her to say it she gives me the John scowl face, you know the one.  It will be a great day of celebration when I hear my first mommy coming from my daughters mouth...

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Belleme said...

YEAH FOR EMMA!!! I'm so glad she's starting to explode with language! We knew she understood a lot of words, it just took a little time... :)