Sunday, August 23, 2009


Potty Training

The day after Emma turned 2, she went pee in the potty for the first time (yes Yaya you get the credit for being the first to get her to go). She was so excited and spent all day running in and out of the bathroom peeing. Then we had a couple of days of no interest, then some more days of interest, a couple of packages of diapers purchased and today Emma is almost potty trained. For all you mom's out there that struggled to get your child potty trained you will hate me when I say, I think Emma pretty much trained herself. She now insists on wearing pull ups but has not peed in them for three days (even at night and for naps) but has had a few number two accidents so we do not argue with her insistence on the pull ups instead of underwear. That's it. It was that easy. Go Emma!!! I have some pictures of this but I will not share with you all. For those of you that don't have kids yet and are horrified that I am explaining my child's bowl movements on a blog, you will do this to. I was there and now I am here...

Big Girl Bed

A couple of weeks ago we got Emma a toddler bed and rearranged her room so that we can fit her baby brother when he is home. She was so excited the day Daddy put it together. She got into bed and got snuggled in. John and I left her in the room to read a book and both looked at eachother sadly.....she is growing up. Then she came out and asked to go back in her crib. Of course you can Emma! You are still our baby after all.

About a week later we talked her into sleeping in her toddler bed.

All went well and she slept soundly. We awoke at 1 AM to a bonk on the floor and a crying and confused toddler. Ooops, didn't think to put something on the ground in case she fell out. She was not seriously injured as it was only a couple of inches but still, who wants to wake up like that? Back to the crib she goes.

This week she was half and half. We put the crib mattress at the side of the bed and most mornings she wakes up on that instead of the toddler bed but we are making progress. She still has a couple of months until her crib is taken over so we will let her transition at whatever pace she wants.

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KAMILLE said...

Yes those are two big milestones and I think we are definitely on the easy going side of these two milestones as well. I'm with you on the bed transition, it will come and we didn't feel like Veronica had to hurry up. Same with potty training. There are the occasional accidents after she's been doing so well, but so goes life right. Great job Emma!