Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

We have been planning to redo the floors in our kitchen for some time. The previous owners put down really cheap laminate tiles which we have had to replace several times. We finally decided to get the job done prior to bringing our baby boy home as we know life will just get busier. In September, our good friends Lee and Stacey came over and helped us re-tile our kitchen as part of our "remodel". We then painted and had the floor refinished. The finished product looks great. Emma even got to help us and paint the wall. She really didn't like it when the paint got on her hands. We went through a lot of paper towels for her to paint about 1 square foot of our wall... Living in an older house we have learned a lot about do it yourself projects....redoing the tile in your house...totally doable and cheap (especially with expert friends helping)...refinishing your hardwood floors...hire us.... we have (by we I mean John) done it both ways.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Job. Well done, and I think Emma's painting is awesome she id definitely a young artist:) Love Meemaw