Tuesday, March 2, 2010

8 Months Old Today

We have had Johnny in our arms for almost two months and today he is 8 months old. It was quite the journey to get to this place and we are so glad to have him home. In proper blog fasion, I thought I would post eight things I love about John:

  1. His grin. Johnny has a grin. Not a smile but a grin. A grin that will allow him to get pretty much whatever he wants later in life. He is just too cute. If he catches your eye and you smile, you almost always get a grin in return.
  2. His curiosity. This guy grabs everything in sight. He is already getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. He can go from his tummy to sitting and roll all over the room. Once he learns how to move forward, watch out world.
  3. His desire to eat anything and everything. This is a trait that will serve him well in our family. We all love to eat (except for Emma who is the typical picky two year old). It has been fun to watch him chow down on everything we put in front of him.
  4. His hair. You have all seen the pictures. For those of you that haven't met him not only is it adorable, but it is so soft. It is a shame he is a boy. Isn't that the way it is? The boys get the beautiful hair even though most of them keep it short??
  5. His ability to trust. He has been through so much in his short life. So many different caretakers. Yet he was able to let us love him and loved us back almost instantly. Every day we see him open up just a little bit more and get more and more comfortable in our home. If only we could all trust as quickly as these children can.
  6. His beautiful skin. I think that baby feet are pretty much the cutest part of a baby. Not only does he have baby feet, but they are such a beautiful brown color and the bottom of his feet are pink, complimenting that brown on the top. I love it!
  7. His chubby thighs. None of us can help but give playful squeezes when he is stripped down for his bath.
  8. His laugh. Getting a laugh out of Johnny is not a difficult task. He loves being thrown up in the air or carried upside down and he will giggle almost every time. It is a low in the gut belly giggle. We think he may be a bit of a clown with his grin and giggle.

The more we get to know this precious baby boy, the more we find to love about him. Happy 8 month birthday my son!


Belleme said...

Yeah Johnny! Can't wait to meet him and feel that soft hair for myself! :)

Lindsey said...

He is such a Pell boy: they love hard and have a flirty grin to go along with it. It's magic. Give him 8 kisses from us.

Jenny said...

happy 8 months, johnny!!!

Kamille said...

All eight reasons make me want to meet him, especially to hear the laugh & see the grin while I tickle his feet. And I'm so with you on the squeezing the thigh thing.


Anonymous said...

Happy 8 Month Johnny, we fell in love with you the moment we saw you...Love meemaw and papa

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh. We can't wait to meet him!