Friday, June 4, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we joined a group of moms and kids from our MOPS group
and visited took a farm that Emma, Yaya and I visit last spring.
We had a great time feeding the animals and riding in the wagon.

This is the food you can buy to feed the animals. Johnny decided that he would like to eat it too. When I was attending to Emma, he somehow got one in his mouth and I couldn't get it out before he had eaten most of it. Oh well, I guess if a giraffe can eat it, so can he....

Juggling two kids in a wagon by myself. I have come a long way from being proud to make it out of the house by 11am!

Friends from our MOPS group.....we look forward to another year getting to know these kids and their moms.


Lindsey said...

I totally laughed out loud about Johnny eating the giraffe food.

Connie said...

Is that Lazy 5 Ranch? I loved that place the year I went with Ashley's class. Great pictures. Keep an eye on Johnny's neck in case it starts getting long and narrow....:) Love you guys!