Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Tax Time!!

Have you decided what you are going to do about getting your tax return done this year? Do taxes confuse you? Make you want to pull your hair out? How much time did you spend last year preparing your tax return just hoping it is right? Or perhaps you took it somewhere and aren't quite sure if you got what you paid for? You can pay up to $150 dollars on tax software and then spend hours trying to figure out if you entered information correctly. Or, some may choose to go to a tax preparer and spend upwards of $300 dollars for even the simplest return.

I would love to help you with your return this year. As a CPA with over 8 years of tax experience and because I work from home, I am able to prepare tax returns with the same expertise as a more expensive CPA / Tax firm and for around half the price. My desire is to not only prepare your tax return but to also provide answers to your questions and help you plan for the future. This kind of of personal, one-to-one experience is something most tax preparation services do not provide and the kind of service that would cost much more at a larger firm. Do you live outside of Greensboro? No problem. We can use video conferencing or your preferred method of communication to go over your return. All you would need to do is either mail or scan and email me the information I need to prepare the return.

I will make sure to ask you the kinds of questions that help provide you with a correct return. For example:

Did you refinance your home? Did you know that some of the expenses associated with the refinance are deductible?

• Did you know that if you itemize your tax return, you can choose between taking a deduction for sales tax and a deduction for state income tax?

• What about school expenses? Do you know what does or does not qualify?

• Do you know what medical expenses you are getting a deduction for? Do you spend a lot of time adding up receipts for medical costs and then not benefiting from a deduction?

Did you adopt a child this year and aren't sure what expenses qualify and how you make the most out of this credit?

How do you know that you are capturing all of your deductions? What if you are missing something and paying a lot more tax than you should be paying?

Do you have any ideas about what you might be able to do this year to lower your tax liability?

I can help with all of these questions along with saving you the grief of spending an entire day in the spring desperately trying to finish your taxes.

My fees for preparing your tax return would be as follows:

Basic Tax Return, no itemized deductions


Basic Tax Return, with itemized deductions


*Additional cost added for rental properties, schedule C businesses, and other more complicated tax issues. Contact me for a more accurate quote.

Thank you,

Sarah Pell, CPA

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