Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snapshot of Johnny at Three

Each year Johnny just keeps getting cuter and cuter.....

His penguin Tuto likes to do the naughty things that Johnny wishes he could do such as pooping on others and/or calling them names.

"Come here....come here......I saw somping AWESOME"

I shakin my booty

He will only wear "cool" shirts not "handsome" shirts.  A handsome shirt is one that buttons down, and a cool shirt is one with a car, truck, train, or any sport item on it.  I can't believe at three he is already resisting dressing up.

When he is about to get in trouble he will run up and give me a kiss on the cheek.

If there is candy on the counter we will often find him hiding under the table eating whatever it is that he has found.  Sometimes he will ask if he can have it by showing us the candy already chewed up in his mouth and then asking for permission.

He tries to act tough but has a very sensitive spirit.  He loves running around the house and having us chase him but if we get to "scary" or he gets cornered he will just burst into tears.  Not because he lost but because he gets scared.

He loves to jump off of anything and everything and has no fear of hurting himself.  But most of the time he does not hurt himself and is very coordinated.

He started swimming by himself this summer just after he turned three.  He was swimming well enough to dive in the pool and get things off the bottom.  Everyone at the pool was amazed at how well he was swimming.

One of his favorite things to do is hunt dragons in our basement.

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