Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Happenings

Emma played soccer with her Purple Punch team (now the Lilac Dolphins) again this spring.  It was amazing how much all of the girls improved from the fall.  Emma scored goals in almost all of the games and scored the only goal at her last game.  She did a great job of running fast and staying in front of the ball....


Coach Dave had the team over for an awards BBQ.  Emma won the "911 Emergency" award for her skills in getting back on defense when the other team had the ball.  

We participated in the Bloomsday run by handing out Otter Pops to the runners.  We had a great time watching the runners 

We decided to try our hand in planting a garden this year.  Since I couldn't help much with the planting, I thought I could help make some signs to keep track of what we planted....

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