Monday, November 10, 2008

Emma's First Slumber Party...or Our First Weekend "Away"

This past weekend marks the first weekend that John and I have spent without Emma since she was born. Our good friends the Renslow's had offered to take Emma for the weekend for a while and we finally found a date that worked for us all. I packed Emma up at 5 and dropped her off. She was greeted by her BFF Leah (8 year old daughter) with a squeel. I don't even think she noticed us leaving.

We began our weekend with dinner out and a movie. We decided to just stay in Greensboro for the weekend as we didn't really feel like making the effort to go anywhere. Sleeping in and spending some quality time with eachother was our main objective anyway. We went to bed late and slept in until 11!!! I woke up, looked at my watch, rolled over to John and exclaimed "Still got it!" I was very excited that I had not lost the ability to sleep in (one of my favorite past times pre-Emma)

We went shopping with no child to hold us up, read books in a coffee shop and then went to dinner and another movie (yet another favorite past-time of ours pre-Emma)

It was a wonderful weekend. We felt so blessed to have good friends that were excited about spending the weekend with Emma. It is difficult to live away from our families and having a wonderful family like the Renslows to share life with makes it easier.

Emma did great! She didn't really seem to miss us during the day. Gayla sent me a picture of her bouncing on their trampling giggling mid day on Saturday. It was good to know that she was having fun. John and I began to really miss her as we got into bed on Saturday night. We came to find out, Emma had started really missing us as well as she had a hard time sleeping on Saturday and ended up in bed with Jimmy and Gayla. A weekend apart was the perfect amount of time to feel refreshed and reconnected.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pells! Brett and I are SO proud of you guys. I am glad you got to do some pre-Emma activities - reading, movie watching, and especially sleeping in! By the time Brett and I are ready for our weekend away you guys will be back in Washington right ?? :)