Thursday, July 2, 2009

And She Shall Be Called.......YAYA

For those of you that know my mom, she has had a hard time deciding what her grandchildren will call her. She did not want to be called Grandma, but wanted something more unique. This has been an active conversation in my family since we were pregnant with Emma. The day before she got here for her visit, we were practicing with Emma saying Grandma and out popped YAYA. Emma loved her visit with her YAYA.

She even got her first haircut from YAYA. I know that you were all getting attached to the rat tail but it had to go....

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KAMILLE said...

I like Emma's curls. It's fun to see other girls (aside from Veronica) having curly hair.

And the best name brandings come out of a natural nickname. We call Cadence, "Tay Tay, or Tayers," because Veronica called her Tadence at one point and it stuck.