Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finding her Own Style

We have decided as parents that the battle that comes with choosing Emma's outfits instead of her picking them herself is just not worth it. The other day she decided that in 80 degree weather she needed to wear her mittens to go to the park.

I look forward to seeing what she will pick out each day. It is almost always a "petty dress" paired with something that doesn't quite fit. She also has taken to screaming if we try to brush or pull up her hair so she has a fancy dress on, wild hair, and several accessories. I love it!!!


titushome said...

Abigail is just at this stage too! It cracks me up the outfits she comes up with!!


Jenny said...

i love the second picture!!!! what a little fashionista :-)

Melissa said...

My sister had a pair of cowboy boots and a skirt that was a hand-me-down from an older cousin (and much too big for her) that she wore from at least age 3- age 7. She even cried to wear this ensemble on the first day of kindergarden. My mom had to reluctantly agree to let her, because that dress was tattered to shreds. And then there were the cowboy boots.

Anonymous said...

She looks marvelous. Love to all

kamille said...

definitely not worth the battle--makes life more interesting & real.

Veronica was the same for many, many months about hair (and hers is super crazy). She'll allow the hair to be pulled up while she eats.

I love the mittens and it's so fun to see what she'll come up with next.