Monday, February 21, 2011

Emma's "Children"

Meet Emma's Children......

From left to right: Boots in his bed, Any (pronounced like Amy except with an "n") the Panda, kitty ("she is Emma's pet not a children"), and Cinderelly. It's so funny what kids will attach to. Boots came with Dora but apparently Emma is a much better caregiver than Dora was. Boots' bed is a jewelry box from ????. Any was purchased at the zoo by Yaya and Pappy this last spring. Kitty was found at a yard sale (don't judge) a couple of years ago. And Cinderelly was a Target special this year during the black Friday sales. So this is the gang, Emma's current BFF's. If you come to our house, don't be surprised to be shushed by Emma as oftentimes her children are rude for you to wake them up!!

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Lindy said...

Emma would fit right in at our house!! I am shushed often by my two girls, and sometimes am not allowed to go into my own room, as that's where babies chose to nap that day. Sweet moments.