Friday, February 18, 2011

These Days.....

Are going by way too fast. I no longer have a baby. Johnny is officially a little boy. Before I forget all about this stage and move onto the next I thought I would write a bit about each of my kiddos for my own memory sake.

With a three and a half year old and a now 19 month old, the words and phrases that you hear around our house are quite amusing. Johnny is saying more words everyday. Let's see if I can remember all of the things that he says:

Ah do (All done)
Nah (No)
Uck (Truck)
Caw (Car)
Love you (yuv u)
Oosh (shoes)
Baba (bottle)
Ma (milk)
cu (cup)
wawa (water)
ba (bath)
nana (banana)
eese (cheese)
ma (more)
Mommy (Mammee)
Papa (for Papa and Pappy)
Mama (for Meemaw)

Johnny does not walk anywhere, he runs. If he hears anything interesting going on he takes of at a dead run and pushes his way into the middle to make sure he doesn't miss out (second child maybe? :) He loves balls, cars, trucks, planes, all the boy stuff. He is extremely adventurous; climbs on everything and tries to jump off, goes down any slide, ect but gets scared by certain sounds or electronics like the vacuum or a remote controlled car. He is very into spitting right now and spits to be funny (this is not funny). His new thing is to spit his food at the dog and then laughs hysterically as Talula eats it up. He mimics Emma and tries to do whatever she does to make us laugh. He loves music and his dancing now consists of "shaking it" and running around in a circle. He now does "fists of fury" on command. His favorite thing to play is "dunk" with mommy, daddy and emma and he will clap for us whenever we make a basket in his new basketball hoop. He still loves to snuggle and if John or I sit on the ground he will run over, climb in our lap and lay his head on our chest. He also does this with Emma which she LOVES. He loves to push his balls and cars around in the baby stroller. He is still a morning person and greets us each morning with a huge smile and normally pointing at a ball ready to play. He is a sweet boy that is passionate in how he plays and how he loves his family.

Emma's imagination has exploded. She spends most of her day playing with her "children" in some way shape or form. She has included Johnny in this play as the Daddy. She is a rule follower and people pleaser. We told her once that we were not going to say poop in public anymore (this is one of her favorite topics). Since that day we are given a stern talking to if we "say poop in public". She loves playing with her brother and bossing him around. The other day they were playing in Johnny's crib and Emma had Johnny laying down with a blanket tucked around him with a fake bottle. He was her baby and it was time to go to sleep. She is also very compassionate. If Johnny is having a hard time she is the first to get him a toy or do a silly dance to try and make him happy. Emma's favorite thing to play is dragons. She pulls out the tent and we get inside with her "children" and we hide from the dragons. This could go on for hours. She still loves to dance and puts on dance shows for us on a regular basis. She is not a morning person and takes a while to wake up in the morning but once she is up, she talks all day long. She is very social and asks questions about EVERYTHING! She still snuggles with us and asks to be rocked prior to bed at least a couple of days a week. She wants to wear dresses only. We finally made one of her dresses her "house dress" so that she could put it on once we got home from something that we made her wear pants to. If she is wearing tights and a sweater with her dress she will immediately take them off once she is inside so she is normally wearing a summer dress no matter how cold it is outside. She has the three year old stubborn and OCD attitude but is quick to say she is sorry and is great at listening and following instruction when needed. Her sweet spirit and loving attitude towards others still amazes me on a daily basis.

Some Emma phrases:

"We don't say poop in public"
"Did God make poop?"
"Johnny is a kazy (crazy) man"
"I've got to get settled"
"That's not my friend, that's my children" (when talking about her stuffed animals and dolls)
"I'm having a snappy day" (this is a bad day)
"Once there was a little girl named poopsidaisy and .........." (telling a story)
"It's like 30 o'clock" (telling time)
"What are we doing today tomorrow?" (when asking about the morning)
"I only wear elmo underwear if I am wearing pants, if I wear a dress I have to wear my princess underwear"
"Princesses don't clean up"
"Can I wear my house dress today?" (her summer dress she wears around the house)
"Did we do that lesterday? (when asking about anything in the past)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Too those phrases....

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love reading the blog. It makes you all seem closer some how. Enjoy every day, they grow too fast!! Love to all Meemaw

Kannan said...

A very interesting blog.