Monday, May 16, 2011

My Beautiful Little Girl

Emma was super sweet as a baby when she came into the world, and she is still as sweet as can be as a preschooler. I really can not describe how much joy she has brought to her lives. She is very outgoing and fun loving but at the same time sensitive and kind. Whenever Johnny is upset you are sure to hear a "oh sfveethart" or "it's ok buddy" from her as she runs to get a stuffed animal for him to cuddle with. She is eager to please and loves following rules. When we are on walks it is Emma that stops cold at the curb and yells for us if we forget to grab her hand. Or if we use words like poop when in public she will loudly remind us this is not public language. I asked her once to stop twirling her hair as it may make it fall out and if she sees me even reach for my hair to play with it she reminds me that we don't do this. She is very observant and will compliment someone if she notices something different about them like a new haircut or pretty necklace. She loves all things girly and last week refused a sucker because she had just applied her chapstick and it would mess it up. She still refuses to wear pants or shorts and will only wear dresses, skirts with fancy shirts, and one "outfit" that yaya bought her. She loves to pretend and talks all day long to her stuffed animals. Recently we were at Barnes and Noble and she was told she couldn't take a stuffed dog with her out of the store. She threw one of her rare fits screaming that she loved it and it would miss her as I carried her out of the store. A week later when I was bribing her to sit and get her hair cut I asked her what she wanted and she quickly named the dog she had to leave behind. We went to B&N to pick up the dog after her hair cut and Emma picked it up, pet it's head and whispered..."don't worry puppy, don't be sad, I won't leave you this time, I love you". The relentless love for this stuffed dog is just a small reflection of the love that Emma has for those around her. It is amazing to be her mom and watch how she already, at this young age, loves on others in a way that makes them light up when she is around. It is an amazing blessing to have her as my daughter.


Francie said...

OK, the dog in B&N story totally made me tear up! What a sweet spirit!!

Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have this rare Gem as our grand-daughter. We love ya Emma "Hollar Back"

Lindsey said...

I just showed the boys Emma's pictures you posted and Luke said, "Oooooh, she looks so beautiful."

Love you guys.