Monday, May 16, 2011

My Little Man

Johnny is growing into a sweet, lovable, rambunctious little boy. He is no longer my toddler. No longer needs to be carried but prefers walking. No longer just cries but uses words to communicate. He is growing up too fast. This first picture of Johnny captures his personality so well. He is fun loving and almost always smiling and a bit mischievous. Not in the rebellious way, but in the..."this is is so much fun wanna join me?" kind of way. He is very stubborn but wants to be included so tends to comply so that he can participate in whichever game or activity he wants to be a part of. He loves kicking. He will kick balls, walls, people, pretty much anything that is kickable. He is very coordinated for his age and I predict he will be athletic as he grows up. He loves being outside. Loves being thrown around up in the air by his daddy. Loves to run around like a "crazy man" as Emma likes to say. He is maybe the messiest little boy I have seen and needs several new shirts per day if he is going to stay clean. He loves all things boy and is very adventurous but at the same time startles at loud noises or unfamiliar places and faces. One of his favorite things to do now is to pretend to eat your nose. He also has an unbelievably sweet side. He loves to cuddle at night and sometimes you will get one of his random and wonderful kisses just because. He is adored by us and we feel so lucky to have such an amazing and wonderful little boy as our son.


Hemraj said...

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Anonymous said...

He is a charmer can't wait to see him and Emma and ofcourse you and John. We love you all so much and the blog is so fun to read. Meemaw

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

What a cutie pie.....awwwww....personality galore :)