Friday, August 6, 2010

A Weekend With Old Friends

We were able to spend a couple of days with our friends from college. It is so fun to see everyone's family grow........ Last time we were able to all get together was a year and a half ago for New Years Eve. Janet and Joe were picking up their baby girl from Ethiopia so they were not able to join us as they normally do (we did get to see them on our way back to come). We also got to see Amanda and Mike for the day but somehow I didn't get a photo. Thanks friends for making the trip to see us! It did our hearts good to spend time with you all.....

From Left: Justin, Jeni, Abrielle, Me, Johnny, John, Emma, Brett, Alicia and Ayla.

Hopefully next time we visit we will be able to make it to Bellingham to see everyone else that we have missed with moving to NC. Who knows....maybe we will be moving there?? :)


Kamille said...

sarah--one can only hope:)

Belleme said...

Oh man!! I hope you will be moving here!! :) I'm sad we missed the friend reunion, but next time we'll be there! So glad we got to see you!