Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Hair Lovers.....Eat your Heart Out

This is what Emma's hair looks like pretty much every day when she wakes up from her nap. I wanted to make sure you all knew what we were dealing with so when you see us out and about and think...."did they even try and brush her hair?!" you will know the answer. If you see her and her hair looks like this.....we gave up and let her out in all of her glory.


Anonymous said...

Love the hair, Love the girl...She is beeeutiful with big hair. Count down to January 8...then big hair can play with her little brother. Love to all Meemaw

Anonymous said...

Veronica & Emma definitely share big hair in common. It's a little less now as her hair has gotten longer, but seriously, when there are curls it's too hard to brush out if it's not wet. Love the picture.

Anonymous said...

It's almost long enough for me to braid!!!!! I'd be glad to fly on over there everyday and french braid Emma's hair before naptime!!!