Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some of Emma's favorite things to say:

Tank you so much daddy (she says this after pretty much anything said or done for her)

Oh, tank you honey!

Oh my goodness

Oh perfect

Mommy, Emma do it all by self

Emma no nigh night (we hear this every night)

Emma just yooking (when I tell her not to touch something)

Go store eat chewies?

Yisen (listen), I show you, show you

Emma no think so (This means I don't know)

Baby brother yike that

Shhhhh, baby nigh night

Mommy drink hot coppee?

Not yet, in a yittle bit (this is her stalling)

Go ball store? (This is the Apple store as there are balls she sits on to play with the computer)

Daddy, play on putter? (computer)

Oh, you atching funny show? Oh cool! (she says this when she comes out from her room for the 4th time with some excuse at bedtime)

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Anonymous said...

I love the just looking comment.