Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's That Time of Year.......

It's that time of year....the holiday season is upon us and with it the looming task of sending out Christmas cards. Last year, for the first time since John and I were married, I just couldn't get it together. Our baby boy was still living across an ocean from us and we were not going to be able to have his sweet face on our 2009 Christmas card. This year is different. Our family has grown from three to four and we have a lot to be celebrating.

There are so many choices out there but we have decided to use Shutterfly for our cards this year. I have used them to create several photo books for Emma and Johnny and have been very happy with how easy their website is to navigate and how great the books have come out. I like the idea of it being a card instead of a photo and the best part is......

I am getting 50 of them for free!! They are doing a promo for bloggers. Check it out here:

They have a lot of great designs for their cards and they are so easy to make. They will even mail them for you (for an extra fee.....we will be addressing our own). Here are a few in the running for our favorites:

So if you haven't gotten around to making your Christmas cards yet, you should check them out:

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Lindy said...

I use Shutterfly ALL the time! Did not know about the 50 free cards for bloggers, though...will have to check that out!

Thanks for the tip. I should get all my cards free, since I spent hundreds of dollars on gifts from them this year, don't you think??