Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When choosing a halloween costume, I would have bet money that Emma would have chosen something very girly like a princess or ballerina or something like that. She wants to dress up every other day as a princess (and sometimes makes it out of the house like that). But nope, this year she saw the dragon costume and was in love. Then we found a dragon costume for Johnny. So, she was "mommy dragon" and Johnny was "baby dragon" for halloween this year. The kids got to go trick or treating with their buddies Kai and Blayze (Elephant and Tiger). We adults even got into the spirit and dressed to match the kiddos. It was a very fun night...

The Royal Family with their dragons and the Animal Trainers with their Wild Animals
Their first house they trick or treated at was Will and Vicki's house. Will went with us trick or treating and Vicki stayed home to give out candy in her wedding dress.

Oh no.......the prince is slaying the dragon!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I especially love your princess dress Sarah!!! We know those millions of bridesmaid dresses would come in handy huh?!