Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cross Country Road Trip - Day One

We said our last goodbyes and cried as we drove out of Greensboro. It was so sad leaving all of our good friends but but that is for another post that I can't quite bring myself to write.

Today we made it from Greensboro to Greensburg, Indiana. A little over 500 miles and 10 hours of travel time. The kids did GREAT in the car. Watched a few movies, ate some snacks, took naps and only got restless right before our stops.

We ate lunch at a rest stop like you should on all good road trips.

The hotel we stayed at had a broken pool so we were able to go to the local YMCA to swim instead. It was a good break from sitting in the car. Getting them to go to sleep was a challenge but at 10 pm everything was quiet and John and I were able to start looking at places to live online (oh did I mention that we are officially homeless and literally living out of our van?)

All in all we couldn't have asked for a better travel day.

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