Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Two

Today we made it from Greenburg, IN to Eau Claire, WI a total of 550 miles. We got going at 8am, stopped twice, and made it to our destination at 5:15 gaining an hour. I thought the kids did great on our first day. They did even better on our second day. They slept a large portion of the afternoon and between watching movies, coloring, and listening to music there was very little whining. Here is a photo of them in the car after 9 hours of traveling. Still goofy and smiling. Shortly after this photo they had a cheeto fight which consisted of them throwing cheetos at eachother, mommy and daddy, and anywhere they thought was funny. Whatever makes them this happy in this long of a car ride is fine with me :)

We made great time so I was able to find a hotel with an indoor water park to stop at for the night. We ate dinner, checked in and hit the park. The kids had a blast and hopefully ran off some energy to make it through one more long day of driving until we get to take a break and play with cousins. North Dakota here we come!!!

Emma "Come on!! Let's go swimming!!"

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Connie said...

Hello Pell Family...I'm so sorry I didn't get to tell you good-bye. I will continue to follow your blog and I'm slowly getting back on FB. I'm so tickled for you and the fact you will be back on the west coast closer to family. Keep up the posts. Sarah, you are gifted writer and capture the tone - I can really visualize your journey. Love to all. Connie...