Sunday, July 3, 2011

Johnny Turns Two!

Yesterday my baby boy turned two. I remember the anticipation I felt during this time two years ago. We were waiting for our phone to ring to tell us about our son. Little did we know, he had just come into the world and was beginning the journey that would bring him into our arms six months later.

This birthday has brought with it a mix of emotions for me. There is the part of me that wishes I could sit down with him and whisper in his ear about the day he was born. Tell him all about how he came into this world. Give him the details about how he looked, what his first days were like, how long it took him to cry, who was there around him for his birth. Instead I will say a prayer for his birth mother, that she will have a peace in her heart when she thinks of him. That she will somehow know how much he is cherished and loved. I am thankful that he is still too young to have any feelings of loss on his birthday. No wishing these details of his life weren't missing. And so, for as long as I can, I will bear this loss for him and then we will bear it together.

Here are the things that I can tell him on his birthday. He was deeply loved from the moment we laid eyes on him. We love every part of who he is and feel so honored to be able to be his parents. Watching him grow into a little boy this year has been pure joy. He lights up our world with his smiles, giggles, and playful attitude. Our life would be incomplete without him and we thank God every day that he is able to be part of our lives. Happy Birthday Johnny!!


Francie said...

Sarah, I love hearing your heart for Johnny. What a beautiful post for an amazing little boy!

laurenkelley said...

he is just adorable!

Kamille @Redeeming the Table said...

your heart & words are a grace to me. the way you mother with tenderness & care. Happy Birthday Johnny! We look forward to finally meeting you.