Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Fear the Tree"

For those of you that are sports fans I am sure that you already knew this but Stanford University's mascot is a tree. A Cardinal to be exact. This actually fits the personality of the school exactly. Who needs a tough mascot when you go to Stanford? A tree will do.....

A couple of weeks ago we attended our first Stanford football game. The kids loved the crowds and watched most of the game. I think this is the only game we will make it to this year as they are sold out of the cheap seats but we look forward to next season and are ready with our Stanford gear to cheer the Cardinal on!

Above is my attempt to get a picture of our family at the game. Johnny was not cooperating so he gets a picture posted of him picking his nose.

We all went to the Stanford bookstore and got to pick out a shirt for the game. Emma picked pink...of course...

And Johnny picked a football player and insisted on taking his football to the game.

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