Friday, October 14, 2011

Santa Cruz

Our next day trip had to be to the beach. The beaches on the San Francisco coast are beautiful. The closest large beach area is Santa Cruz. It has a big boardwalk with a ferris wheel and lots of other stuff to do at the beach but we passed on the crowds and went to the state park to see the tide pools instead.

The kids loved looking in the tide pools and putting their fingers in the sea anemones.

Emma told Johnny all about how to touch the sea life though he was perfectly happy just watching.

And of course, they loved playing in the waves. Though the water was freezing (yes we definitely miss the warm Atlantic ocean) the kids still had fun being chased by the ocean.

And got nice and sandy in the process....

Had to include this picture of Johnny. This is what he does no matter where we go..RUNS!

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Anonymous said...

OH! Sandals and capris in October! Heaven!