Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As with all second children, I have not done as well documenting each of Johnny's milestones so here a list (mostly for me to remember later) of some of the things he is doing now.....

Things Johnny is Saying:

Johnny's turn (when he see Emma doing ANYTHING) (when he wants to do something himself and doesn't want help)

Hiya!! (play fighting)

Aww Man (at very appropriate times)

Memaa (this is what he calls is so sweet)

fee...fee (this means he needs to go pee pee)

Hide (he still LOVES to hide and is really good at it)

Orange (this is his favorite color and if you ask him what color something is he will insist it is orange and laugh knowing it isn't)

Five Mo Minute (while holding up one finger when I tell him it is time to go)

Go Home (when he wants us to go away)

No Tan Tu Memma (No thank you Emma)

My Memma (to anyone that talks to Emma)

Funny things he Does:

Hits the ball and runs bases no matter where we are.

Gets in a runners stance at random moments then takes off running.

He has started going number two in the toilet and with each plop he will say...."football" or "baseball" based on the size and shape

Wants french toast for breakfast EVERY morning

Refuses to give kisses and is more adamant the more that you want one...sometimes we trick him and ask for one when he gets distracted...then you get the sweetest kiss...then he realizes he has been tricked and wipes it away with a smirk on his face.

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